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Tile roofing has been used and improved for over a century. This material proves to have the longest track record of success as compared to other roofing materials like composition shingles. Modern engineering advancements have given tile-roofing materials the ability to shed water naturally as well as unique ventilation abilities. This means tile roofing is great for warm and cool climates.

Pitts Roofing installs quality tile roofing for homes all throughout Texas including Fort Worth and Arlington. Tile roofing has easily become the most popular roofing product in the world due to its unmatched durability, energy and money saving potentials, and unbeatable protection. Get A FREE Quote!

Choose a tile roof designs that fits your Texas home

We have built relationships with some of the top tile manufacturing companies. Tile shingles come in an array of colors shapes and sizes. In fact, there are so many different concrete and clay tile options available that tiles can be found to suit any architectural style.

Whether you are looking to complement a Spanish, Mediterranean, New England Colonial, historic, or contemporary style home, you can find a tile to fit your needs. Modern innovations mean that roof tiles can be round, flat, simulate the look of wood shake, or replicate historic roofing materials so that homeowners have virtually limitless options.


Designed for long term performance – Tile roofs are typically heavy, as the weight allows them to maintain their long-lasting beauty by providing protection that is free of some typical roof problems. Most homes have the structural strength to support the weight of a tile roof. However, there are lightweight tile varieties offered in some areas of the country. Lightweight tiles are ideal for re-roofing and new roofing projects. The durability of tile and its easy maintenance has made it one of the top roofing material choices. It is much easier to repair a single tile than it is to repair a single shingle on an asphalt roof.

High wind resistance – In areas affected by frequent hurricanes, wind, and hailstorms (as we see here in many parts of Texas), tile roofs are preferred over other materials because they are remarkably resistant to severe weather. When a tile roof is properly installed, it has been proved to withstand wind speeds of up to 150 miles per hour. This is a feat accomplished by only a few elite roofing systems.

Economical – Clay and concrete tile roofs are remarkably cost efficient due to their ability to last for years. Quality tile roofs can last homeowners anywhere between 50 and 100 years. Concrete and clay tiles last longer than any other kind of roofing material. Manufacturers of tile materials offer warranties lasting anywhere from 50 years to the lifetime of the entire building! The durability of tile roofs is proved in many structures in Asia and Europe in which tile roofs have remained intact, functional, and aesthetically pleasing for hundreds of years.

Low maintenance – Even the strongest roofing system will require at least occasional maintenance throughout its lifespan. Luckily, under typical conditions in the DFW area, a tile roof requires the bare minimum of required maintenance. For a tile roof, maintenance is limited to the gutter system, protrusion flashings, and ventilation systems. Other roofing materials might require maintenance services like coating, painting, cleaning, or sealing the entirety of the roof’s surface.


Your Pitts Roofing Company professional can help you choose a tile roofing style fit for your Texas home. We service Arlington, Fort Worth, Grapevine and nearby areas. Call us for a free estimate on tile roofing or any of our other types of roofing available in North Texas.

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